Tica Ezi Cast - Baitcast Reel

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■ 2 NMB bearings made in Japan + 2 ball bearings
■ Ergonomic and compact design.
■ One-piece rigid graphite frame.
■ Ported, corrosion resistant, forged aluminum spool.
■ Click star drag system.
■ Corrosion resistant aluminum handle & soft touch handle knob.
■ Instant anti-reverse system.
■ One-touch removable side plate.
■ Zirconia line guide reduces friction with line.
■ Magnetic cast control system.

EZI CAST reels are TICA's new idea of EZI series for spinning and bait casting reels. The EZI reels have a clean and pure design with black and white making these reels striking. EZI CAST baicasting reels feature 2 NMB plus 2 bearings for a smooth rotation that makes the reel easy to cast a longer distance.