Sure Catch Lip Grips - Glow in the Dark

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The Sure Catch Fish Friendly Lip Grip is designed to allow anglers to safely handle their catch without damaging the fish.

Constructed from hi-impact plastics and using stainless steel pins for durability, the Sure Catch Fish Friendly Lip Grip is a robust tool that will handle large fish. The flat jaws measure just over 10mm wide by 6mm thick, meaning there is little to no risk of the jaws puncturing the fish's bottom jaw membrane.

Simple scissor-like action and a locking jaw allow anyone to use this tool easily and the elastic lanyard allows you to keep the tool safely on your wrist during use.

Glow in the dark material ensures you can't misplace this tool even in the dark - a handy innovation for those chasing big barra or cod during the dark hours.

Keep your hands and fingers safe from hooks, control the fish in a fish-friendly manner and remove hooks easily with the Sure Catch Fish Friendly Lip Grip.