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Lake Mulwala Fish Camp & Ski is now stocking No Bites

NoBites™ – Proven Tough Natural Protection

If you have been looking for a natural, plant based, sustainably sourced repellent that actually works with the science to back it up, you have found the right product, right here.

With our beautiful climate and natural abundance, being outside in the great outdoors, going on adventures, fishing or relaxing at home is a privilege most Australians enjoy, but biting insects can and will interrupt our favourite activities with over 300 species mosquitoes and over 200 species of biting midge that call Australia home.

NoBites™ can let the fun continue.

A natural, plant-based, and sustainably-sourced insect repellent that contains our key ingredient Citriodiol® - nature’s most effective insect defence.

Unlike other essential-oil based products, NoBites™ has passed the most rigorous safety and efficacy tests and our key active ingredient is backed by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO). Our NoBites™ new & improved formulation demonstrates equivalent or additional efficacy at repelling mosquito's when compared to chemical based products such as those that contain DEET.

NoBites™ is Australia's strongest and longest lasting natural insect repellent, providing protection from mosquitoes for over 10 hours.

Australian Owned and Manufactured, NoBites™is the DEET free insect repellent for the outdoor lover in everyone.


100% Kind on Kids.

Safe for use during pregnancy.

Safe for our environment.

Made in Brisbane, Australia