Mustad Fastach Football Weight

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Designed with a Fastach connection, the Mustad Fastach Football Weights provide anglers with a more efficient way to explore rocky terrain.

The Fastach connector used on both weights allows hooks to slide on-and-off with a quick flick of the wrist, so there's no need to re-tie when you want to switch your style of hook to suit different situation, soft plastics or target species.

Once attached, the ground breaking design delivers a freedom of movement that can't be achieved with traditional fixed jig designs. Additionally, the un-fixed connection reduces the possibility of a fish using the jig as leverage to spit the hook. Complete with a super-durable finish, the Mustad Fastach Worm Weight and Football Weight offer an incredibly efficient way to fish a wide-range of soft plastics for a number of fish.

More recently, these Fastach weights have been the must have accessory for anglers wanting to achieve greater depth with swimbaits. The range of sizes available and the easy twist on - twist off nature of the Fastach clip means anglers are loving them for this purpose.

Copied but never bettered, the original Mustad Fastach weights are built with Mustad quality and attention to detail.