Molix Shad 140 Soft Plastic Swimbait Lure

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Molix Shad Swimbait 140mm Soft Plastic Lure. The Molix Shad Swimbait is designed to handle the largest predators around. Built with a wire through construction leading to the treble hook on the belly, a segmented body which produces a strong swimming action and a colorado blade under the belly which produces a high frequency vibration to call in the fish that swim far away, even in murky waters. The position of the eyelet in the head allows it to be used deep vertically as well as in shallow water. It’s made with a new blend of plastic that makes it resistant and durable. The segmented body is reinforced with a dacron mesh. This also adds to the durability. The 140mm version of the Molix Shad Swimbait is sure to be a winner on big Mulloway, Barra, Murray Cod and the like.

Product Features:

- High Density Soft Body

- Reinforced Intersection

- Equipped with a OMTD Custom Hook

- Ball Bearing Swivel

Product Specifications:

Product Code: 43510-

Brand: Molix

Length: 14cm (5.1/2 in)

Weight: 60g (2oz)

Depth Range: 50 to 150 cm (1.7 to 5 feet)

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