Millerods - SwimFreaK POWER 7'8" 2pc Casting rod

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SwimFreak POWER 782

7'8" 1pc blade (+detachable handle)

Smooth/Multi-loading action

Recommended line 7-15kg

Ideal lure range 25‑90gm

The latest Fuji Fazlite KW multi-guide train (12+1with #6 smallest size)^

Custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve


The SwimFreaK POWER is the latest addition to the comprehensive range of Ian's Aussie designed swimbait rod line-up. In the context of the Millerods swimbait rod range, this rod sits just below the BeastFreak in terms of casting weight power.

Primarily designed to fill the void for a swimbait rod that casts a light lure easily, yet still has tons of fish-fighting power, the SwimFreaK POWER just does that, being able to comfortably cast small swimbaits even under 1 ounce, yet be able to effectively fish structure-dwelling heavyweights such as Murray cod and barramundi.