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BeastFreaK (Australian model)

7’10” 2pc (detachable handle)

Multi-loading action

Recommended line 30-60 braid/#20-30 FC

Lure weight range 30-150gm

Lure ‘Super-Sweet’ Spot 50-115gm

Fuji KW 'CC'/Alconite 11+1 guide train (smallest guide size #7)

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve


The Millerods BeastFreaK is a purpose-designed, Australian ‘swimbait’ casting rod. But it is far more than just a great swimbait rod!

At 7’10” overall length, the BeastFreaK is a serious casting tool, well suited to river, open water and impoundment fishing with lures in the 1-5oz (30-150gm) bracket. This model has a beautifully wide sweet spot of casting weights between 1½ - 3½ oz (50-115gm), covering a wide variety of popular big-baits including offerings from international brands such as Megabass, Savage Gear, River to Sea, ABT, Gan Craft, 22nd Century, Huddleston, Spro, Deps as well as home-grown big fish catchers from Nutterjuck, Mudeye, JJs Plague, Bassman, JHM, Thirsty and others.

Designed with detachable handle for convenience, our 2pc ferrule construction is so light and unobtrusive most don’t even realise it is not a 1pc rod.

The highly regarded Millerods Control Freak handle maintains the sensitivity of this big rod, giving excellent feed-back so you know exactly what your lure is doing and also helps to maintain the lightweight integrity and amazing balance of this rod.

The BeastFreak is fitted with Miller’s ‘slick-flow’ 11+1 guide train of Alconite ceramic in Fuji’s latest ‘KW’ frames featuring the new corrosion resistant ‘CC’ finish. The multi-guide train also ensures smooth-as-silk operation during all phases of casting, retrieving and fish-fighting!

The BeastFreak is also fitted with our exclusive Heavy Duty Hook Keeper specifically designed by Miller, which can easily hold several ounces of lure, is also 100% tangle free, and positioned for easy access.

This is a weapon of long-range presentation! You will be surprised at easily this rods casts, assisting the angler over even the longest session of throwing big, heavy lures. The med-fast, multi-loading blank action helps keep this big stick user-friendly while plenty of low-down power not only helps transfer energy to cast the big lures, it supplies ready stopping power for big fish like metre-plus lake, estuary and river monsters…

Custom made, spiral-wrapped guide train of 9+1 is also available in an upgraded Fuji titanium frame SiC ‘K’ guide or Torzite format. Please go to the 'BeastFreaK Custom Built by Ian Miller' page for more details and prices.


The BeastFreak is originally a rod that Ian Miller designed in collaboration with Carl Jocumsen for the US bass market. The ‘Beast’ is not only powerful enough to cast these large lures but is beautifully balanced and very sensitive, setting itself apart from many other similar rods in that market. Primarily, the techniques used with this rod are swimbaits and glidebaits for largemouth bass which have become the preferred methods to target trophy largemouth bass across the country.

As the swimbait movement began to take hold in Australia, Miller quickly realised that the BeastFreak is also perfect for targeting our own species with the same big lures. In a few short months of 2016 the reputation of the BeastFreak spread and rods began to find their way into the hands of anglers using these new techniques. Impressive captures of Murray cod quickly ensued, followed by barramundi, mulloway and now flathead – all our large predatory fish were falling victim to the US BeastFreaK.

The most popular size range of these lures is in the 5-8”/120-200mm bracket and typically weigh 1 ½ - 3oz/55-90gm, in fact there is probably not a modern lure company that does not boast a range of lures in this class. These are the lures sizes that the ‘Beast’ is perfect for and provides the ideal stepping stone between more traditional sized Aussie lures and the really huge lures that are in a heavier bracket of their own.

To be perfect for Australia, Miller determined that the rod design needed some slight tweaking. The same perfect amount of power and action were maintained but the blank redesigned into a 2pc format with detachable handle for easier transporting, stowage and management. The guide train was changed to larger ID Fuji ceramics so our larger leaders can easily pass through, and double foot guide frames make the rods more robust. And so entered the 'Beast'!

If you are looking to step up to the next level from smaller lures to swimbaits, wakebaits, larger spinnerbaits and topwater lures, this really is the perfect tool for the job.