Megabass Big-M 2.0

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The BIG-M 2.0 has a unique combination of low retrieve resistance, high flash, and stable roll.

New Big M in a shallow flats style depth! The BIG-M 4.0 and 7.5 have taken the Australian market by storm, and now we bring you the perfect shallow flats and edge version..

Built to reach 2m (6ft) on a normal cast, the BIG-M 2.0 brings unrivaled action and exquisite detail to some of the deepest ranges in the world. However, the BIG-M 2.0 isn’t simply about depth. From the first soaring, tumble-free cast to each and every catch, the BIG-M 2.0 exudes the quiet confidence born of decades of Japanese cranking refinement. Featuring a triple moving-balance system, high flat-sides and a super-low center of gravity, the BIG-M gives off the overwhelming flash and acrobatic bottom-contact action—without the unnecessary retrieve stress and fatigue of traditional super-deep cranks.

The BIG-M 2.0 has achieved agile, low-stress handling that lets you retrieve all day long with minimal fatigue. Megabass’ unique hydrodynamic technology has paved the way for a painstakingly-designed deep crank that harnesses optimal water resistance to gain depth, without sacrificing the refined action that keeps deep targets coming back for more.

This shallow diving crankbait allows an easy presentation of a mega crankbait to lake edges, rockwalls, weedbed edges and those unique rivers we all love! The flat sides on the lure and it's shape are specifically designed to mimic baitfish that predators love...

Length: 126 mm

Weight: 2oz. (57grams)
Type: Floating
Depth: Max depth 2.0m (on long cast). Approx 0.9 to 1.5m running depth on standard casting
Trebles: 2x #1/0