Live Target Hollow Body Crawfish

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The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw’s revolutionary design features amazing three-dimensional anatomy, rendering it superior to traditional jigs. The lure’s hollow head and thorax make it remarkably snag-resistant, and together with its extra strong custom hook provide exceptional hookup ratios. The hook eyelet protrudes from the top of the Hollow Body Craw’s curved abdomen, orienting any retrieve just the way nature intended.


As the Craw moves in reverse, the head, pincers, antennae, and silicone skirt that mimics a crawfish’s walking legs and feeding appendages flare up just like a fleeing or defensive crustacean. Visually, the bait is a spot-on imitation of the real thing, and its integrated jighead produces the tapping, clicking, and clacking that attracts bass from afar. Incredibly effective both on the bottom and in heavy cover, the Hollow Body Crawsets a new standard in crawfish imitations.   


Vic Cook of LIVETARGET noted that, “It’s one thing to be a perfect look-alike, to replicate the appearance and profile of living crawfish using lead, steel, plastic and rubber. But it’s another thing entirely to look and act just like the real thing – and that’s what makes the Hollow Body Craw so deadly...



“At rest on the bottom, it adopts a natural defensive posture, with its buoyant pincers raised to fend off an inquisitive bass. Work the lure across the bottom or through structure, and the Hollow Body Craw retreats in a biomimetic, backwards direction, with its skirt collapsing around and between the pincers – just like a living craw’s swimming legs would. The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw is truly the first lure to so perfectly mimic both the appearance and the action of natural crawfish, making it the singular choice for jig anglers.”