Jackall Digle 55mm 3+

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 New at Lake Mulwala Fish Camp & Ski The Jackall Digle. Awesome small lure for casting for Yellowbelly, Redfin, Bass and a range of freshwater species.

Digle 55mm 

Fine-tuned for optimized cranking performance, the Jackall Digle Crankbaits seek to set a new standard of performance with unprecedented casting distance, diving depth and lure action. Constructed with a custom-designed Winglet Lip, the Digle allows anglers to achieve up to 20% longer casts by effectively cutting through the wind. Anglers can also cover target depths longer and with more efficiency due to the Digle's ability evoke strikes by using its oversized lip to deflect off of structure or by creating disturbances against soft bottom. A seductive side-to-side shimmy brilliantly mimics the appearance of a fleeing baitfish, while the realistic scaled finishes and holographic 3D eyes make for an extremely lifelike appearance. With extra-long casting distances, quick diving speeds, and a stunning lifelike appearance, the digle is a worthy contender in the category of mid to deep range crankbaits.