Irukandji Sicario Soft Swimbait

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The Sicario is Irukandji's signature paddle tail swim bait, designed to impart an enticing body roll and tail action when retrieved at slow speeds. 

They are dynamite on predatory sportfish such as Barramundi, Murray Cod, Mulloway, Black Bass, Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Northern Pike, Muskellunge and the hit list goes on.

If it eats fish, it’ll eat a SICARIO.

SICARIO lures were designed to accommodate a swinging stinger treble from the primary hook eye - the most common rigging method for large soft lures to boost hook-ups on implosion feeders like trophy Barramundi and Murray Cod. They ensured the bait does not heel over sideways on the retrieve when rigged in this way, like many soft lure designs tend to do which have not been designed with this specific rigging method in mind.