Duo Realis Dekashinmushi 75mm

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The XXL version of the Shinmushi series comes crashing in a big way. Built to move a lot of water, it allows to trigger fish which cannot be caught on regular topwater lures.

By shaking it like an insect, it produces a big ripple on the surface calling the fish from far. Thanks to soft wings the crawling action is easy to initiate making Dekashinmushi supremely user-friendly surface crawler, which is just as fun to fish.


The body of the Dekashinmushi is a two-piece structure separating from the belly and the back section. By removing the rear hook eye, anglers will be able to separate the body to customize the lure depending on the given situation.


We made it a point to design the wings as a fixed feature instead of a free moving wing, for its function as a stopper. It was also carefully designed to enable the lure to stage a ”freestyle” action while retrieving. We have employed elastomer as its material minimizing any drag while casting.


The length of the legs is 102mm and are so soft that they will continue shimmering even when holding it still in your hand. The colour combinations have been carefully selected to match the body colour.


Length                75mm/3in

Weight               32.5g/1-1/8oz

Type                    Floating (Fixed Weight)