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The Steez Cover Chatter is an Australian Bass’ or Yellowbelly's worst enemy! Steez vibrating jigs feature a very thin blade, which reduces drag in the water allowing the blade to vibrate at a higher frequency and also much faster, meaning you can retrieve these vibrating jigs slower than many others on the market.

A thin fibre weed guard helps resist snagging, allowing anglers to fish a vibrating jig in thick cover and vegetation. A hand tied skirt means there is no rubber band to deteriorate over time, allowing your skirt to stay perfectly aligned for the life of the lure. A SaqSas hook aids in turning timid bites into solid hook-ups. Steez Cover Chatters are available  3/8oz 

* High Quality Japanese Designs

* Ultra Strong SaqSaa Hooks

* Premium Colour Range

* Ultra Strong Construction

* Hand Tied Skirts- Double Bound and Glued