Codger Lures - Surface Paddler.

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Graham Saunders, the man behind Goulburn Lures, has expanded his Codger range into the topwater market with his Codger Topwater. Easy to use, these super strong lures have a super loud clacking and splashing action that will tempt even the most fussy Murray Cod. They come equipped with double rear split rings and are fitted with VMC 3X tough trebles for an increased hook-up rate. The Codger Topwater has a medium sized profile that can be cast using your standard cod fishing tackle. No need for specialised rods and reels – just put a Codger Topwater on and you can experience the cod surface fishing that everybody is talking about. Or if you just love catching Australian native fish using surface lures, then here is another quality offering from an Australian lure maker that is a must have for your tackle box.