Barambah Bony Shad Swimbait Lure

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Length: 120mm (4.7")

Weight: 25-48g (1.2-1.8oz)

Depth: .3m (1ft) to 10m (30ft)

Action: Life-like swim action

Buoyancy: Very slow to medium sink

Hardware: BKK

The Barambah Bony Shad is a super life-like shad swimbait with a built-in interchangeable weight system that allows it to be fished from as shallow as 1 foot down to 30+ feet applications. It has two internal weight chambers built-in to house lead or plastic blocks. Allowing you to dial the bait into depths you want to fish it, without ugly chin weights. This is quickly done with a screwdriver (supplied). Swim action is further enhanced by aluminium stabilising pectoral fins and a head mounted tow point, allowing the bait to track deep. The  Barambah Bony Shad will suit a wide variety of fresh and saltwater applications. Try using it when your large swimbaits aren't attracting the bite, dropping down a size or two and trying to match the bait may land you the fish your after.