Barambah Baby Perch Lure

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Body Length: 75mm (3"0

Weight: 23g (3/4oz)

Depth: 3m+ (8ft+) or 6m (16ft)

Action: Wide/Erratic

Buoyancy: Floating 

Noise: Joint knock and rattle

The Barambah Baby Perch is a cool and unique 3” jointed crankbait, with life-like body styling, enhanced by PVC soft fins. The Baby Perch will dive to 8+ feet – with an erratic action. It is fitted with innovative, aluminium pectoral fins to reduce body roll and improve its natural swim action. The Baby Perch emits both a joint knocking noise and sonic rattle to attract predatory species. Don't be fooled by the size, Murray Cod love these lures, with many captures here in Lake Mulwala.  The local Yellowbelly fall victim to these attractive baits also. With natural styling, precision build quality, BKK hardware and innovation in design, the Barambah Baby Perch not only has the looks, but the performance to back it up.