Barambah Baby Bidjiwong

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Size: 145mm (5.5")

Weight: 21g (3/4oz)

Action: Topwater Paddler

Buoyancy: Floating

The Barambah Baby Bidjiwong is a unique hybrid lizard creature bait. It has a great paddler bib that puts out a lot of noise and splash. The joint and large rattle in the rear segment also add to its sonic attraction. The Baby Bidjiwong has a TPE tail to improve its natural appearance and add profile. The tail can be easily changed if damaged. At 21g (3/4 Oz), it is easy to cast, and the action works well at a wide variety of speeds. Fitted with quality hooks and rings that give maximum hook exposure without fouling. The Baby Bidjiwong has a great action and is built tough for a wide range of target topwater species.