Balista Tremor - Murray Cod Lure

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Big Bait for Lake Mulwala Monster Murray Cod,. Balista Tremor is available in store at Lake Mulwala Fish Camp & Ski

The Balista Tremor is an Australian creation designed for one purpose, to catch big native fish. At 200mm in length the Tremor has a 3 piece jointed body which provides a realistic action and comes with 3 interchangeable bibs - crawling, wake and diving swim bait. It features advanced electronics with a rechargeable battery, Balista’s trademark LED technology and a looped vibrating motor, a combination that will entice the most aggressive reaction bite. Whether it is trophy Murray Cod or Barramundi you are chasing the Balista Tremor has been designed to keep you in the game longer.

Weight is 97grms

Circuit is water activated | Battery life: 40 hours Vibration: 2/sec loop | LED: 100 flashes per minute Rechargeable: Supplied USB cable with alligator clips - red to the head, black to front hook eyelet.