Baitsanity Explorer Gill Atom HatchMatch S 3.0 Tail

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A wild enhancement for the Baitsanity Explorer Gill, the HatchMatch Atom Tail 3.0 adds a unique twist to your favourite swimbait that the predators in your water have surely never seen before. Straight out of Baitsanity’s laboratory, the Atom tail resembles earth’s smallest unit of matter but transmits huge action through the water column to help fish easily locate your lure in clear water, dirty water, or those times you find yourself still casting a line long after the sun has set. When paired with the slow-sinking swimbaits, creeping your bait along at an ultra-slow rate produces a seductively wide kick that beckons to lethargic and feeding fish alike. Floating models also benefit from a slow retrieve to activate a hawg-calling waking action just below the surface. Whether you’re faced with pressured fish that have seen it all or just looking to increase the action in your Explorer Gill, the HatchMatch Atom Tail 3.0 delivers an irresistible motion to an already exceptional bait.