Megabass Magdraft 8"

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The Megabass Magdraft Swimbait features a soft plastic body equipped with the revolutionary Mag-Hold System, rigged with a strong belly treble. Ideal for a host of saltwater applications, but ideal for Aussie Murray Cod & mega Barra!
The Mag-Hold System secures the treble hook alongside the belly via an internal magnet, hiding the unnatural profile of the underbelly treble hook from wary predators, and increasing hook-up ratios. 

Magdraft also features two side fins designed to prevent unnatural rolling action, and act as miniature weed-guards to protect the treble hook in its magnetised position. This guides the realistic swimming action of Magdraft and allows for productive retrieves in key grass areas. Furthermore, with a robust wire-through construction firmly joining line eye to hooks, the increased hook-up ratio of Magdraft will also translate into a higher landing percentage.


- Rigged with a strong belly treble
- Mag-Hold System secures the treble hook via magnet
- Two side fins prevents rolling
- Robust wire-through construction